Monday, April 7, 2008

"Sandy Solitaire"

3 x 5
Acrylic on Bristol Board
This painting I just finished for a illustrator’s annual. I purchased an ad for next year and like always I have waited until the last minute to decide which image I will send to represent my work. I actually did begin working on the image about two months ago but I pushed it aside and figuring I’ll finish it later. Well… it’s later. Can you tell I am really ready for Summer, this is my second image on the subject? Zora stands on the sand playing alone without a care in the world. Zora was the first to show any form of independence. Her hair is always in a mass of curls exploding from any type of enclosure applied earlier to contain them. She has hair that matches her personality. She’s independent, with her own ideas even at this early age. I hope I have captured this in the painting.

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Damon said...

I enjoyed your paintings.