Monday, May 12, 2008


Acrylic on Masonite
This image was captured during a recent visit to the International Festival. I had hoped to find people dressed in their native attire, and I had great hopes of finding someone dressed in a sari, they are so beautiful and ornate. Three hours, two funnel cakes, two potty breaks, and eight outrageously over priced drinks later we turned down a city block and heard the sounds of Indian music, the smells of incense burning , and in the center of it all were a group of men dressed in white drumming. Even further down the street were a smaller group of women creating their own rhythmic sounds. I took a panoramic photograph of the entire block ,not focusing on any particular thing and not necessarily getting my ideal image of a woman in a sari. But to my surprise I captured a glimpse of not just a culture, but one in transition. I found that what I did capture was so much more revealing and insightful than my oiginal intention.

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