Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"The Night The Chimneys Fell"

I wanted to celebrate my most recent book entitled “The Night the Chimneys Fell”. The book is about a French family’s ordeal in the town of New Madrid, Missouri during the earthquake of 1811. This earthquake was the largest earth quake in the United States history and it was not in California, but Missouri.

This quake was so powerful that it changed the course of the Mississippi River. The story illustrates some of the natural signs experienced before the quake, and the destruction of homes and displacement of many families in its aftermath.

My family takes a trip through this area every summer passing through Missouri and by New Madrid, and St Louis as we travel from Texas to Illinois. While working on the book last year, the area experienced a quake that my mother and father in law actually felt in Illinois. This project was fascinating for me and I hope just as fascinating for all of the children that read this book.

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PAT MEYER -- said...

Congrats on your book. You have such a great gift.