Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Little Cowboy"

acrylic on hardboard
What can I say, who can resist painting a cute kid in a hat? My son asked me why I never painted a picture of him for "my computer" as he put it. I could have reminded him that I had indeed painted him a couple of times, but I painted this picture instead. This was a cute image right after our annual trip to the rodeo this year, thirty feet in the gates and we'd purchased three hats and one face painting.

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egs3sbloggeraccount said...


I knew you in school at ace and not-macarthur. I think I saw "squeeky" in albuquerque. I'm not a martinez. come look at my crappy digital photos at and drop me a note. let me know if you figured out who I am.

BTW your portrait work is amazing.