Monday, November 8, 2010

"Embraced by Light"

acrylic on hardboard
This is the San Jose Mission painted in midday lighting. I couldn't make up my mind so I painted the mission twice one with mid day lighting and the first with afternoon lighting. I also love the arches and was able to get them in this time around.
When I began to think of a title I was drawn to "Embraced by the Light" but it seemed too familiar for some reason. Then I remembered a book I read almost twenty years ago called "Embraced by the Light". The book recounted the author's near death experience. I hadn't really drawn a connection to the figures exiting the building and walking into the light until then. I guess they are both spiritual experiences.


Jonelle Summerfield said...

Paint more interior architecture, darn it, these two mission paintings are awesome! I also like the "in a new light" painting. Your lighting is excellent!

Virginia Floyd said...

Both of these paintings are wonderful! I don't know why you have a problem painting architecture! Both of these paintings are excellent. The addition of the people adds great interest.

I think I like the 8 X 8 format better because it shows the arch above.

lingerie said...

Really nice work around. love the pictures!