Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"San Jose Mission"

acrylic on hardboard
The kids love our annual trip to San Antonio. They spend the entire year talking relatives into accompanying us on this trip. Who can say no to three cute kids? This past year my brother was the first to commit. He's always ready for an adventure which is what you get on a trip with three kids. He's almost like the fourth kid when we're all together. He was pretty excited until he read the itinerary. "Visit two missions, that sounds boring!" This was followed by, "Look Felicia, I'll take one for the team." We had a great time, took some great photographs, and met some lovely people.
In this last post of the San Jose Mission, I chose to paint the exterior. This is the largest and most beautiful of all of the Missions. I am always amazed at how accessible the mission is to visitors. The carved stonework inside and out is beautiful. I tried really hard not to be so specific when I painted the exterior. If I got caught up in the literal, the entire painting would quickly become stiff and I was going for whimsical.
$120 + $5 shipping

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