Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Turtle Eyes"

acrylic on hardboard

We have created many family traditions with the kids for summer, one seems to be their favorite.  Like most things with kids, it's not the most expensive or the most creative thing that gets them excited, but the complete opposite.  Of all the things we do and places we go their all time favorite is "the pool party" at their aunt's house.  They explain it to others like it's some lavish, unique, experience.  In reality the pool party takes place in a treeless backyard enclosed by three walls of  the standard six foot neighborhood fence.  The pool is a simple plastic blow up pool.  The pool party is always topped off with a smoke out on the patio where we cook hot dogs and make smores.  They go crazy over this.  This is the experience that gave me this finished painting.


Camille LaRue Olsen said...

Crazy about this, you did a fantastic job! And thank you for reminding me of when my girls loved to do the exact same thing when they were little -- same kind of yard and pool, minus the smores... such great memories! Love your style.

Julie said...

beautiful painting, you've got a good eye for what's important.

I'll take you to the moon. said...

ooh! this is a really good painting!
did you spent a long time with this one?