Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Real Women Have Curves"

acrylic on hardboard

I found the figure before I found the painting.  Real woman have curves!  I could have called this one most women have curves or big bones.  I actually like big bones most, but I was afraid some people would be offended.  Some of you may have noticed this painting has changed a little bit from the original post earlier today.  This is because I am one of those people that never seems to finish a painting even when it's finished.  I completely repainted the wall which was a bluish white on my original post and the floor is now brown instead of white.  I hope my obsession works.  Something that looks great to me may seem off to others. (I know this works both ways).  In the end, four hours of painting later I am glad I made the changes.

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Barbara said...

I stumbled across your post and your delightful painting and it inspired a post of my own (

Thank you for sharing.