Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"La Grange"

acrylic on hardboard

My siblings and I spent most of our summer in La Grange, Texas.  My grandmother lived there and many of my cousins.  My grandmother's house was up the hill and most of my cousins lived down the hill.  It wasn't much of a hill at all, unless you were trying to ride your bike up it.  Then it really felt like a hill. We spent many hours walking up this dirt road to various relatives homes. When we got bikes we rode them up and down this road and even further out as we explored dirt roads we'd never seen before.  I was always amazed at how the road would curve and disappear into the distance.  I guess that was the artist in me.


Marietjie said...

The tree and road are stunning, very good

Cathy McIntire said...

Great painting. It reads well at the smaller thumbnail size as well as on your blog page. ..compelled me to make a comment! :-)