Sunday, February 24, 2013

"The Ladies Garden Club"

8" x 10"
acrylic on hardboard

I usually get really intimidated when I have to paint more than one person in a single scene. I am becoming better at this though, it's something I can't keep dancing around so I am meeting this challenge head on. I had a relative that I always thought of as very classy and worldly. She and her husband did things I could only dream of as a little girl growing up in a trailer park.  Things like going on vacations, traveling to California to visit relatives, and going on cruises. They were also members of several popular clubs and organizations. One such club was the Ladies Garden Club.  They took turns hosting the garden club at their houses monthly. I think this is one of the images from the ladies garden club, or at least that's what was on the back of the photograph. I guess I would consider myself an anti club person, but I was quite happy to find out that I received the dishes that she used when hosting her garden club members. She used these dishes on rare occasions. I use them as part of our everyday dishes. I'm just not that formal of a person, but I am very sentimental.   I think she would get a kick out of knowing that I painted this lovely painting of several of her garden club members. While she was living she was an admirer of my artwork and I always appreciated her for that.

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