Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"Blue Eyes"

acrylic on hardboard
This cute little guy was painted fairly quickly. This was a diversion from an existing painting I had been working on.  I was having some trouble making decisions.  I am pretty sure it's hereditary.  I remember calling certain people in my family out on this very thing.  Now I know I was so frustrated by their inability to make a decision because it was a reflection of my own problem.  At least I recognize the problem.  Isn't that the first step... or something?  
I was so surprised that this painting came together almost on its own.  Unlike the painting before, this one had a calming effect on me.   "Blue Eyes" is all about lighting. I'm a sucker for images with strong lighting, but what's even better is when I get to paint translucent objects interacting with the light.  You can see this in the blue goggles. 

The portrait is cropped so closely that it adds a kind of intimacy with the viewer. This is how I see my own kids, because they have NO concept of personal space.  Everything is important, loud, and in that moment. I think the placement was my subconscious breaking through to my conscious.  This is the first week out of school and already I am experiencing sensory over load!

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