Saturday, July 27, 2013

"The Church Steps"

8"x 10"
acrylic on hardboard
When I was a teen, my family began attending church.  My father was so enthusiastic about going to church that every Sunday we would be the first members there... waiting!  I remember sitting in the car, waiting for someone to open the church many mornings.  Getting to church first also meant we were among the last to leave.  Parking was tight and you would always get blocked in.  This didn't bother him one bit.  Unlike myself, my father is an extrovert and thrives on interacting with people.  So while we are all sitting in the car waiting to start the rest of our day.  He was socializing within the crowd of members in the front of the church. Apparently my memories of this aren't too bleak, because I have chosen to illustrate it with my latest painting.  When I saw this little lady in pink I knew I had to paint her.  You could tell that she put a lot of thought into her attire that day and was as confident as she could be while she weaved through the crowd talking to people.  I also couldn't wait to paint the lovely lady in the black dress.  It took confidence to pull off the really big white bow on her hat and I was impressed by that.

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