Monday, November 18, 2013

"A Face in the Crowd"

12"x 16"
acrylic on hardboard
Many of you that have followed my work for a while may remember this painting painted in a smaller 6x6 version.  I liked it at the time when I was concentrated on producing artwork daily. This time around I was more concerned with getting all of it to feel right.  I have been trying to paint larger and now realize that is something that also has to feel right.  It took me so long to complete this painting.  My daughter answered the phone and I heard her tell my sister that I was "still painting that picture."  That was funny because it was exactly how I felt.   I love the way it turned out, but it was a long journey to the end.  I didn't see that coming considering I thought I had already solved all of its big problems.  This time I managed to capture the depth of the little girl both literally and figuratively.  She is not fighting with the crowd in the background for importance.  I have captured her essence. Her spirit.

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