Saturday, August 30, 2008

"Light Outside the Window"

acrylic on masonite
I originally wanted to use this painting as a demonstration for this month, but as I began to paint it quickly became clear that this was not going to be a simple three step painting. This is obviously a hotel room. I do believe somewhere in Missouri. I couldn't resist the drama that the light in the window created as it filtered through the curtains one morning before we packed up and left.
The kids act as if stopping at the hotel is the real reason we've driven hundreds of miles from home. They have their little rituals when we walk into our room. First every light switch must be tested. Then every bed must be jumped upon, I think they're testing for comfort. Their most recent ritual is actually jumping from one bed to the other just to see if it's possible. After all tests are passed, they REALLY begin to claim the room by pulling every toy and stitch of clothing they can find out of the suitcase. Yes, those are my kids that you hear in the room down the hall.


Rick Nilson said...

I love your paintings. All of 'em. Warm and fuzzy.

olyaaa said...

yey, Lovely stuff! You've got the handle of the medium and really show you like your content.